(FL) Through Sept. 4, 2023, SPIDERS ALIVE! Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, 352-846-2000. Take an eight-legged walk on the wild side with Spiders Alive! This exciting exhibit dives into the world of spiders, scorpions and their relatives with more than a dozen LIVE species on display. Discover the unique traits and characteristics of this diverse group of animals at this interactive, family-friendly experience! Spiders and their relatives highlight the ecological importance of these animals that include black widows, orb weavers and scorpions. Large touchable models reveal more about spider anatomy and their differences from insects while rare fossils — including one that’s 100 million years old — display species from the past. Videos showcase a variety of unique animal behaviors, such as a diving bell spider living under water and a southern black widow spinning silk. Separate fact from myth and learn about ancient spiders, conservation, venom and more. $8 adults | $7.50 FL. residents, seniors & non-UF college students; $5.50 ages 3-17; FREE for ages 0-2, UF students & Museum members.

(MD) August 5, 2023, DRAYDEN AFRICAN AMERICAN SCHOOLHOUSE OPEN HOUSE, 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Drayden African American Schoolhouse, 18287 Cherryfield Road, Drayden, Maryland 20630, 301-994-1471.  The St. Mary’s County Museum Division, in partnership with the Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions (UCAC), will be offering free Open Houses for visitors and the community at the Drayden African American Schoolhouse in Drayden. The Drayden African American Schoolhouse is one of the nation’s best-preserved one-room African American schoolhouses, and its story represents a significant part of St. Mary’s County’s African American history. The St. Mary’s County Museum Division also offers special programs for school, bus, and other tour groups who would like to schedule a visit to the Drayden site. Individual visitors who would like to see the schoolhouse during times outside open house hours can contact the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum at (301) 994-1471 to arrange a visit. For more information about the Drayden African American Schoolhouse Open Houses, programs, admission prices, and more, visit the Drayden African American Schoolhouse Facebook page at or call (301) 994-1471.